The Greatest Fraud in History Ed Dowd at Maui Earth Day 5/1/22

The Greatest Fraud in History Ed Dowd at Maui Earth Day 5/1/22

By jaihanumanji 


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Thanks Ed. So sad hearing that beautiful Hawaii is so far Left and that they embraced the jabs, masks, lockdowns. Good summary of the jab shenanigans. God bless the people of Hawaii who lost someone or who is now scared because they have done the jab. has a good Detox page. Also, – use the CovidLongHaul protocol for many of jab injuries. And do NO MORE JABS! Say NO.

When the paid-off media and politicians in control are owned by Big Pharma ya wonder how this will ever be stopped. The Heads of the Law Enforcement, Prosecution and many Judges (not all) are permanent blocks to bringing all the criminal cabal to justice in the courts. Just look at how some of the teflon coated offenders such as Clinton, Biden (son and father) get little more than a yawn from law enforcement and the Congress. Little wonder there is no confidence in government. The scams at all levels continue. I can’t wait until the cycle is broken!

I do hope people are paying attention. Such a crime on humanity as never before, Ed Dowd is one of many speaking truths and we need to speak up publicly every chance we can. I know it’s easy to not say anything and move along without causing ” issues or debate” , but we need to get vocal as hell and not back down. Don’t be afraid, that’s what they want. Be strong, wise, and powerful with your message. Do this. We all need this. Take care.

TheBulldog we all are in big trouble!
Nice job Ed

Thanks for your courage and getting needed info out to others. -Dallas

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