Leo Zagami – Ex-Illuminati – Is the New World Order Failing?

Leo Zagami – Ex-Illuminati – Is the New World Order Failing?

By Zeee Media


Ex-Illuminati member Leo Lyon Zagami is a writer and researcher, having authored over 20 books exposing the Illuminati, and the New World Order agenda.

He joins us again to discuss whether the NWO is failing, and other plans of the elites that may catch us off guard.

You can follow Leo’s work via his website. His newest book, Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 7: From the Occult Roots of the Great Reset to the Populist Roots of The Great Reject, is also available on Amazon.

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Original Source: https://zeeemedia.com/interview/leo-zagami-ex-illuminati-is-the-new-world-order-failing/

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